The packaged cream sponge-cake has become a legendary snack, hi-quality and famous snack from the first time launched and is still victorious today. Not surprisingly, PADIMAS Cream Cake always maintains product quality and customer trust so that PADIMAS Cream Cake able to maintain its existence.

Besides being legendary, Bolu Padimas Cream Cake is the right choice for a casual snack in your spare time. Available in various flavors such as strawberry, pandan, vanilla, chocolate, brownies filled with vanilla cream and brownies filled with strawberry cream which can be found in various corners of the archipelago. Come, buy Padimas Cream Cake and taste its delicacy in every bite!

Padimas Cream Cake Strawberry Flavor
Padimas Cream Cake Chocolate Flavor
Padimas Cream Cake Pandan Flavor
Padimas Cream Cake Vanilla Flavor
Padimas Cream Cake Brownies Strawberry Flavor
Padimas Cream Cake Brownies Vanilla Flavor